To Lead the Way Back
to Renewable Water


We are a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and innovators focused on enabling Integrated Water Resource Management. We adopt a “first principles” approach to problem-solving and are ambitious enough to tackle the big problems driving the Global Water Crisis.

When we speak about “first principles” and innovation, we are referring to the unique approach we have adopted, by seeking to integrate the basic scientific principles of engineering – anchored in Newtonian Science – with the more recent perspectives of the Systems Theory scientific paradigm.

On the one hand, Newtonian Science governs the behavior of inanimate objects under the laws of physics, aiming to leverage these principles in order to manipulate inanimate objects to produce machines and infrastructure for our benefit. On the other, Systems Theory seeks to understand dynamic, complex adaptive systems such as living organisms and ecological systems.

Incorporating and synergizing both engineering and biological approaches enables us to integrate manmade artificial infrastructure in the built environment with both manmade ecological infrastructure (dams and reservoirs) and natural infrastructure like rivers and lakes.

Our holistic approach aligns manmade and natural water infrastructure, engineering and biotechnology seamlessly and crucially enables us to manage the quality of biological water in partnership with Nature, so that we can navigate our way down the Road back to Renewable Water.


Our origins date back to the early 1970s in Australia and the USA. Around the turn of the century, we first began to articulate a dialectical contradiction between two scientific paradigms; Newtonian Science that is the paradigm of our built infrastructure and Systems Theory that is the paradigm of Nature and all living things.

It seemed clear that for the water sector to be able to offer sustainable solutions for water resource management and ensure water and food security, a reconciliation between these two scientific paradigms had to take place. That is because, although our built infrastructure ensures water quality “in the pipes” of its domain, after discharge into wastewater treatment plants, residual nutrients and contaminants were disrupting Nature’s processes that ensure renewal of water quality through the pernicious effects of eutrophication on water resources “outside the pipes”.

It became apparent that only way to avert a Global Water Crisis would be to leverage the Systems Theory paradigm to develop Naure-based solutions founded in Biotechnology. This has been no simple task, but it is the only way to balance the impact that the legacy of our built infrastructure is leaving on the ecological infrastructure responsible for renewing and restoring water resources.

The ambition driving our research, development and innovation (RDI) became to resolve the Global Water Crisis by providing a Roadmap to Renewable Water that would align and synergize our built infrastructure with our natural infrastructure and thus provide a platform to enable the long sought after ideal of sustainable Integrated Water Resource Management.

The first tangible shoots of success began to sprout, as what would become our Australian and US teams began to collaborate and integrate concepts, insights, and technologies.

This collaboration soon led to a blossoming relationship as we were able to consistently deliver results in water quality management which had previously been unattainable. Since then, we have continued to deliver solutions in the most extreme situations, resolving water quality issues in a variety of projects that no one else would even consider taking on.

In Europe, Africa, the USA, Asia, and Australia, we have delivered solutions for wastewater treatment of all kinds – including municipal, livestock, and industrial applications – and in eutrophic rivers, lakes, dams, and reservoirs of all sizes and depths.

Our track record and reputation have brought us recognition as the world leader in developing and delivering Integrated Water Resource Management solution platforms for Renewable Water.

We are the only Solution Provider in the world able to offer the full spectrum of insight, leadership, services and technologies to deliver Integrated Water Resource Management for Renewable Water, including Consulting, Solution Design, Technology, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning, Service, and Maintenance & Support.


Create Roadmaps to Renewable Water to enable Integrated Water Resource Management to solve the Global Water Crisis.

We do this by;

  • Helping concerned stakeholders, from national Governments to utilities, municipalities and communities, develop their Roadmaps to Renewable Water.
  • Providing the critical missing link; the ONE Biotechnology Solution Platform that enables effective interventions to reverse eutrophication and restore the self-renewing capacity of our ecological infrastructure.
  • Sharing and promoting the implementation of Biotechnology Solutions that enable sustainable Integrated Water Resource Management for Renewable Water.


To rise to one of the greatest challenges of our age by using insight, innovation, and collaboration to deliver holistic solutions that will provide lasting benefits to humankind, safeguard our future, and create a legacy of Renewable Water for all. We are highly motivated by the ambition to prove that the Global Water Crisis can be resolved.


We learn by being open-minded, curious, and inquisitive, aiming to continually improve and optimize our solutions.

We consider unintended consequences, in order to understand and anticipate wide-ranging impacts and ramifications “upstream, in-stream, downstream, or side-stream”.

We innovate by thinking holistically, systemically, “out of the box”, and through time.

We act decisively and responsibly, with integrity and conviction.

We deliver faster, smarter, cost-effective and transformative solutions to enable Integrated Water Resource Management for Renewable Water.


Our people are dedicated, principled, open-minded, curious, innovative and visionary.

We are always looking to build relationships with like-minded people; Partners, Consultants, Thought Leaders, Academics, Community Leaders, and other visionary pioneers with whom our aspirations resonate.


We seek three kinds of rewards in our work:

  1. A Financial return on investment, which allows us to reinvest in RD&I and reward our people for their commitment and contributions.
  2. A sense of Accomplishment for rising to a great intellectual and practical challenge and delivering world-changing solutions.
  3. A sense of Contribution derived from leading the way back to Renewable Water and ensuring sustainable water resources for all, both now and into the future.

We are grateful that the development of Integrated Water Resource Management solutions for Renewable Water positions us to benefit from all three of these rewards.