The Policy Challenge – Integrating Infrastructure: Aligning Man and Nature

policy makers at a table

Water resource policy has tended to treat water as a commodity in a supply chain, focusing on water “in the pipes” and regulatory compliance at dispatch points from water and wastewater treatment plants.

But once water is entrusted back into the custody of Nature, responsibility is abdicated, and policy and management activities tend to be limited to hand-wringing and firefighting.

By reducing water resource management to box-ticking in the distribution networks, we overlook the vital role of the natural water cycle – an infinite loop that continuously renews water quality so that it can be used again.

A new echelon of visionary water policy leaders now recognize the need to incorporate natural water infrastructure into their asset portfolios. They seek like-minded partners to help them realize their vision of water security for generations to come.

But forward-thinking policy initiatives cannot be built upon a wish, a prayer, and good intentions. Transformative policy needs creative practicable funding mechanisms, scalable implementation models, (that must increasingly incorporate Public Private Partnerships) and the filling of technology gaps, to be well defined, actionable, and adopted.

Such policy pioneers are turning to SIS.BIO and our partnership network to discover future-proof solutions to these challenges.


The Partnership Challenge – Shared Vision and Ambition.

Expert consultants, partnership engineers to hydrologists and limnologists are being presented with problems and challenges to which they have no solutions. Historic go-to infrastructure templates are limited to expensive, ineffective interventions that often have negative unintended long-term consequences. This is the trap of the Paradox of Infrastructure. Palliative symptomatic interventions in eutrophic natural water bodies have been proven to be a misguided expedient investment in accelerating long term degradation of this infrastructure – the Paradox of Treatments.

The old maxim that “if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting” is ringing load and clear in water professionals’ ears and the destination that continuing down this trajectory leads to is catastrophic.

SIS.BIO is the go-to strategic partner for water professionals seeking to redefine project scope and deliverables for sustainable water security. We help develop innovative value propositions that transform the impact, feasibility, fundability, and business case of strategic integrated water resource management initiatives.


Prompt Solutions for Persistent Problems

Sometimes there is just a problem that has been around for years that just needs to be fixed – quickly, effectively and affordably.

From non-compliant wastewater treatment plants (municipal and livestock) to dying rivers and eutrophic lakes dams and reservoirs, we typically deliver measurable improvements in key parameters within weeks of commissioning a solution project.